Chicago TAN

Advisory Board Charter

The TAN Advisory Board (TAB):

Helping Shape The Way Chicago Agents Network & Exchange Information

By providing ongoing feedback directly to the CEO and management, TAB members help Top Agent Network become even more effective for Chicago’s top agents.

TAB members get to:

  • Help build a TAN that works best for them. Advisory board members get a direct communication channel with the CEO. All the input provided will be used to improve TAN, so that it works best for Chicago’s top agents.
  • Be a leader in their TAN community. As TAB members, agents get special recognition that shows they were hand-selected to help shape the future of how Chicago agents exchange information.
  • Be the first to know about new features and services. That way, member agents will have an edge whenever new updates are released.
  • Network with other top Chicago agents. This is a chance for top agents to exchange ideas with the very best professionals in their market.

What's Expected

of TAB Members

Each TAN Advisory Board and its members will be active for one year. Participation includes:

  • Providing quick responses to questions and input on potential improvements to the TAN platform. This will be done via email and phone.
  • Being proactive in reaching out to TAN management with new ideas, market issues and items that need improvement (again, via email and phone)
  • Attending one to two in-person advisory board meetings per year in Chicago. These meetings will likely last 2 hours.

TAB members also agree to hold all materials presented to them in strict confidence, unless otherwise stated.

The Current Members of

the Chicago TAN Advisory Board 

Amanda McMillan

Brian Grossman

Emily Sachs Wong

Jeffrey Proctor

Joanne Nemerovski

Josh Weinberg & Tommy Choi

Julie Busby

Julie Harron

Kate Waddell

Lance Kirshner

Mario Greco

Matt Laricy

Ryan Preuett

Any questions?

Please contact TAN CEO David Faudman at